Vancouver Island Mack


Large windows to increase your field of vision where you need it most.

  • Windshields are edge-to-edge glass for superior forward visibility.
  • Large side windows and door peep windows all but eliminate blind spots.
  • Rear wraparound window provides a clear view of cross traffic.

Flexible and versatile driver environment.

  • Multiple seating options increase comfort and productivity.
  • The tilt and telescopic steering column offers a perfect fit.
  • The cab is 4" deeper than the previous model, giving drivers more legroom

Low cab floor height.

  • Convenient grab handles for three points of contact on entry.
  • Low 17” step height makes boarding simple and safe.
  • Large door openings make for even more comfortable boarding.

All New LR Electric

The all-new Mack LR electric - A step so big with a footprint so small

The Mack LR Electric delivers the same comfort, visibility and reliability as the diesel-powered LR, but with lower routine maintenance costs, reduced noise and zero carbon emissions.

2 AC motors provide a combined output of 536 peak hp with no exhaust emissions and no aftertreatment systems for reduced maintenance. Get up to 150kW charge power with a max current of 200A, 550–750 volts. Two-stage regenerative braking also recharges batteries on the go.

4 fast-charging NMC lithium-ion batteries deliver 600v of power to the 2-speed Mack Powershift transmission, offering 4,051 lb.-ft. peak output torque.